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After receiving your files, we check them and send you an offer on the exact price. This process usually takes an hour or two and no more than 7 hours in exceptional situations.
After we receive your confirmation, we put the best available transcription specialist on the task. The transcription specialist will create a professional, formatted, accurate transcript of your record. It will be saved in a text format of your choice (MS Word, TXT, etc.) so that you can search, copy, or share it with ease. Once done, we check all the files again to make sure they meet Ozyscribe standards, before sending them to you by e-mail on or before the requested date.

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What We Do

Services of Ozyscribe

We transcribe, translate, and digitize all types of audio, video, and documents. We work with clients in the areas of law, marketing, market research, journalism, events, and others. All information is treated with complete confidentiality.

Ozyscribe offers an unrivaled service for financial transcription, one of the most important sectors in the world: our expert transcribers have a solid knowledge of the terminology and specific regulations to be respected.

Ozyscribe perfectly knows the insurance sector and the relevant terminology to use: this ensures that the transcription operations of our experts are quick and effective for any type of file.

We provide transcription services for the world’s leading law firms: our professional transcribers have industry experience and offer professional transcriptions of audio and video files.

Ozyscribe offers multimedia transcription services to help your audio or video content reach the widest possible audience.

Transcriptions are an important factor for the functioning of the health sector, an example of which is the transposition in writing of medical reports recorded on audio. Ozyscribe relies on professionals with a deep knowledge of the field to ensure maximum accuracy.

Working with the police, the courts and local institutions, our linguists make transcriptions in all areas of the public sector, where this service is particularly useful and allows you to fix any information expressed verbally in writing.

Why Hire OzyScribe

We transform recordings into digital assets

In the last few years, Ozyscibe has performed thousands of hours of transcription. We offer an accuracy rate of over 98%, all transcripts being made by real people. Our transcription specialists are qualified in fields such as medical, business, legal, interviews, etc. They have transcribed various topics, from molecular biology to astrophysics – and if they don’t know a term, they use Google, Wikipedia, or other sources of information. In any case, we guarantee that you will receive a correct transcript from us.

We have the skill, determination, and ambition needed to be the transcription agency with the fastest growth in each of the territories and sectors of competence. Thanks to a valid, enterprising,  motivated team and satisfied customers.

Our Experience

We have been in business for several years. Our clients like to work with us, and that is why they choose us over and over again.

Value for Money

Our goal is to provide good value for money, and we are committed to providing the best possible service – accurate transcripts that meet budgets and deadlines.

Client Satisfaction

At Ozyscribe, we care about what we do, and, for this reason, we only present work with which we are 100% satisfied.

Quality Work

The quality of our work is never compromised despite our affordable prices.