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Test our services before hiring

You can now try our transcription services for free within the first 5 minutes of your recording. With our free trial, you can test our services before hiring to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for.

  1. We guarantee an excellent job for three reasons:
  2. First of all, we guarantee a high level of quality, committed to delivery times.
  3. Second, we transcribe and translate your audios, videos, and texts with specialized personnel in each topic.
  4. Third, all our payment channels are totally reliable.
  5. The information delivered is treated with complete confidentiality.

Not only do we offer an excellent transcription service, but we also offer translations of transcripts in almost all languages.

Once we have transcribed, we will send you a file with all the translations of the transcripts, so that your company can use all the tools at its disposal in any destination market.

For more information on transcription prices, contact us for a suitable personalized quote for your project.